Anonymous: this is unknown but comfortable

May 27, 2017

Today on the way back home I went into a bar near my home to check out a SriLanka curry rice!

Here’s the address:

The bar is on the 5th floor and it’s called Anonymous. When I arrived on the 5th floor, I saw a sign saying that you’re not allowed to bring more than 3 people at a time into this bar. Next to this sign is another sign saying that “Today’s menu: Sri Lanka Plate SP (a lot of vegetables together with Basmatic rice and wrapped inside banana leaves, plus one dish of curry (you can pick either to have beef, chicken or coriendar)). With a reservation it’s 1400yen; 1600yen without reservation.

I went there without reservation and at that time it was kinda early so I sat in a corner of the bar. I didn’t want to have alcohol so I ordered ginger ale with only one ice inside. The owner of the bar was quite at first but once I started asking questions he began to talk with me and asked me back questions. I found him a talkative person. He has a good smile and he seems like a very hardworking person. The bar is 15 years old, according to Ken.

The interior design of the bar is very classy, mainly covers with black and yellow light. In the middle background there are Japanese shochu bottles with yellow lights reflect on them – to me it’s a very beautiful scene. On the wall you can see some artistic and famous posters of rock bands, which gives you an idea that it’s a rock bar. Soon, the foods arrived and it looked really good.

As you can see, beef curry as the main side dish, together with potatos and srilanka

salat in tiny bowls. The main is under the banana leaves. One almost-boiled egg in the middle and various vegetables – includes mushroom, okra, cucumber, etc. – on each side, together with basmatic rice. The taste is sweeter than spicy, which is so different from what I used to have in the Sri Lanka curry rice in Domumae station, Osaka. It’s probably because Sri Lanka has different regions and the food in this bar is originated in the north.

While eating, I asked Ken, “why Sri Lanka foods?”. “Well, my Sri Lanka friend taught me how to make it so…” Ken said. Our conversation flew from Sri Lanka’s curry to the population of Iceland, Tokyo, and Malaysia. Also, we talked about languages, Hemingway’s The Old Man and the Sea, Psytrance music and so on within an hour. Our voices are turned into the melody of the bar – it was a pleasure moment.

Under Ken’s teaching, I finally got my Sri Lanka name. It looks very cute, especially the N – it looks like a little leaf on top, which is why I like it – seems so eco! I only paid 2000yen for the meal and drink. As I said, “student price”! He smiled and said bye to me. I smile and told him that I’ll bring my friend with me next time to this unknown but comfortable place. Kuzuzanpola 🙂


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