“Old” Treasure Digging 

Written on May 31, 2015

So my friend finally did it. He gave his first sex intercoirse to a Brazilian. Can’t believe that was his first time…he’s 26 now if I wasn’t wrong. But he was quite upset after this happened. He claimed that it wasn’t good at all, that he did not feel any pleasure during the process (anal sex). I mean, first time was probably like that. I don’t think there’s any girl who did feel good at the first time (he’s a gay and he’s the bottom).

However, no matter it’s first time or fifty times, every time is different. So there’s no saying that only the first time is precious or something like that,,,I don’t get why women are seen as precious/treasure if they were still virgins. This discourse is just created by men, as they see women as their properties.  They wanted the “new” one but they don’t require themselves as “new” too.

Do you prefer new or old? Not only human body, everything. I mean, if I say I prefer old one, will you believe? I think this kind of separation is wrong. The main thing is just whether it/the person suits you or not. As long as it suits you well, who cares if it’s used or brand new one? Even if it’s old, if you are really fond of it, it can be a new one in your eyes. Old doesn’t mean bad or expired, old means experience and mature, which allows you to dig more deeper. Eventually, you will see fresh water coming out from the hole and they taste fresh in your mouth.


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