Period Pain: Men’s Feeling

Written on May 17, 2015

I understand that all men wouldn’t understand one thing about women in this world: period pain. I just wonder what would they think about women’s period pain…probably most of them have no interest in knowing about this. But it turns out that some men have given detailed about how it feels like to have period.

Here are some interesting comments that men have posted regarding to the feeling of having period:





Like your uterus walked downstairs and missed the last step.


This guy has no idea how accurate he is!




My idea of a period is that there’s like thisreally bad cramp, like your insides are coming apart, while you feel bits of your body flowing out. Like you’re constantly peeing yourself, but you can feel where the pee is coming from, and can feel it peeing off.


Sort of, but less terrifying!




Like your ovaries going to war in your uterus and one of them launches a nuke, then the blood and flesh of the fallen deep out through a hole in the crater at the worst possible time.

This is classic response!




Judging from the tampon commercials it feels like a day at the spa that makes you want to dance around on the beat in slow motion and play sports with your friends.


Definitely hilarious! If it feels that good I would love to have period every day!
The best way to understand the other’s feeling is to ask that person. Stop imagining by using false images and information 🙂



  1. Very good subject to speak, I have had to laugh with some typical thoughts, and already at this point, I am very interested to asking you, or any of the women who read the article, if you can detail how you feel personally when you have the period?

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    • Comparing to my friend, I guess I’m the lucky one because I don’t have much pain but she has to take pills each time and even after 6 pills she still feels like hell – rolling in the bed not be able to stand up and do things! But sometimes I do have this feeling like hell especially during or after traveling, which I guess it’s due to the changing of temperature, humidity and so on. When this happens, yes, my whole lip will turn white and I’ll not be able to stand still, will have to go to toilet and sit there…every second it’s like someone is smashing something inside you! Even though I will not be able to say a thing but in my mind I’m like screaming and cursing to death. So it’s like a fight between my consciousness and the other painful consciousness while I am having a big period pain.


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