Living in Japan: convenience makes you dumb

I often think that Japan is wasting too much energy, especially electricity and water. Every time when I go to the toilet, the noise would come out automatically to cover my peeing noise.

I simply don’t get it. I don’t understand why would Japanese people need to have this device. This is totally wasting money and energy. Just because you feel shy to let the other person listen to your pee-omg noise? I mean, the purpose of everyone comes into a toilet is to pee or poop. Why bother the noise or sound? That’s totally natural. It’s just that you want to make it unnatural. Also, the automatic flushing system is kinda annoying. Even when I was still in the middle of my business but I was just moving a bit and it just started flushing itself! And how much kcal it takes you to press the flush button? Not even 10 kcal! So why can’t you just flush it by yourself? Is it that difficult to clean your own shit? GOD. It’s all about convenience – one of the biggest problems created by mankind to make themselves lazier and stupider than before. Are we DEVELOPING? Aren’t we just downgrading ourselves? This is how I feel more often when I’m in Japan, a super convenient country. I really think that “for the sake of convenience” is a big problem for Japanese. And the worst is that none of them feel that this has become a problem. So sad! Talk about wasting energy makes me think of the foods that are sold in the convenience stores in Japan.

So much wasting of foods every day in Japan. I assume a part of the expired foods are sent to homeless organizations but a lot of them are thrown away into the recycle bin.

After all, this country is too rich, that’s how I feel as a foreigner who is born in a developing country.
Written on May 2, 2015.

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  1. I wonder if it’s not inconveniencing people around you with your per noise that bothers the Japanese more than being shy. It’s true that Japanese packaging though very pretty creates a lot of waste. Individual ly wrapped chocolates aren’t useful for me since I know Îm going to eat a lot ^^

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    • I totally agree with what you say about the wrapping/packaging of the things in the stores. Lot of unnecessary wastes they are producing due to convenience. Even though the recycling system is incredible but still it shall not be a reason for them to produce more useless wastes.


      • Yes except the conception of Japanese stuff is small things that you can either add to your child’s bento box or give as gift so unless there is a major rethink or unless the companies change to eco friendly wrappings I don’t see any chance in the near future. In Europe we also have major waste it’s cheaper to buy more and waste it than to buy single sized portions.

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