Last Day in Hanoi: A Love Story

Love is everywhere if you know how to feel it: on the street of Old Quarter, in Hanoi night market, on the Sapa mountains, along with the Halong Bay and so on.

Today I’m going to share a love story happened between Mr. D and Ms. D in Hanoi. Neither exaggerates expression nor romantic words that are required because a true love story needs no such an ornament; it is beautiful, pure, and simple in its own way.
Mrs. D remembers the first time when they met, they did not talk at all. Instead, he captured the smile on her face with his camera. The smile of the young girl was so innocent and happy that it fulfilled the young boy’s little heart. Since then, the young Mr. D could never forget her smile. Though since that day, they had not contacted with each other for six years. In those six years, the young Mr. D was not alone because he has already opened his heart to a young girl who he knew that he was going to love her for his whole life.

The girl had not talked to him until she was graduated from the school. Perhaps the young Mr. D was waiting for a right time to show his affection. He was young and passionate about love though he was very patient about love because love is a long run, like a life.

After six years of waiting, the young Mr. D decided to walk into the young girl’s door. On that day, the young girl was surprised when she saw Mr. D standing in front of her door. They talked and his throat was getting thick when he saw her smiley face. She blushed when she looked into his big black eyes. They became friends and slowly, they became lovers.

Today they are the father and the mother of two young boys. The elder son looks very much like his father and the younger son’s face combines his mother’s structure. The D’s family is a very happy family as they are living together with a very intelligent sixty-four-year-old grandfather who had fought in the Vietnam war. The six-year-old son likes puzzle very much and he plays chess with his father. The five-year-old son likes sweet very much and he plays lego with his brother every day. Both of them inherit their mother’s charming smile and their father’s big black eyes. They represent the love between Mr. D and Mrs. D.

So what is love? I believe you can feel it through the story: a very simple and real love story that I have heard in Hanoi.

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