A night out in Halong Bay 

March 29, 2017

I’m on a cruise now. The music isn’t that great but at least it isn’t edm anymore. I’m having a pina colada although it’s for my mother but she felt asleep already so I took her drink. Standing on the open area, there are cruises and boats in front of me, also the mountains and the sea. The noise of the engines and the smell of the bay are making me awake.

This is my 5 or 6th drinks so I’m feeling pretty good right now and this good feeling makes me think of someone. Not someone. It’s you and I hope you know, it’s you. I wish you were here. This thought has been spinning inside me since I arrived I wanted to do many things with you.

Sitting on your lap while having a drink on my hand, listening to the sea and watching the shadow of the mountains and boats.

You know how wonderful it could be.

I will kiss you and tell you how lucky I’m to have you with me. Just like the reflection of the lights that come from the cruises, the shadow and the body can’t really separate from each other;

it’s like you and I, that without either of us we are not wonderful: only with you that I’m wonderful and without you I can only wonder…

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