My interesting Couchsurfing and unpredictable Hitchhiking trips in North New Zealand

Watch my trip if you haven’t 🙂


Here’s what you gonna do if you wanna save money but at the same time you wanna have the maximum fun in New Zealand: use couch surfing and hitchhiking while traveling.

I decided go to New Zealand when I found out that the air ticket (Air Asia) from Osaka , Japan to Auckland, New Zealand was incredibly cheap: only around 390 dollar! Before looking into New Zealand I was thinking about going to Iran but since New Zealand was cheaper than Iran, I might as well just picked this beautiful kiwi country!

But as soon as I paid for the ticket, I started to worry about how to stay there for 2 weeks. According to the internet, New Zealand is a super expensive country and only public library has free wifi access. Crap, I thought. As a student like me, doesn’t have much money to travel, the only way to survive through 2 weeks is to use couchsurfing as much as I can. Hitchhike? I never down this in my life so I was quite worried at that time as there are always some news about hitchhiker get killed or what…I mean everywhere there are people get killed, only that by hitchhiking the possibility to get yourself into danger will be higher. But I didn’t have a choice: go or not going. Of course I’m gonna go! Never regret what you have chosen, I told myself.

I started to ask around on couchsurfing website a week before I departed. What I got was: a host in Auckland, two hosts in Hamilton, a host in Taupo, and a host who has a motor home, that was it. But it turned up to be much more than that! While I was hitchhiking at Hamilton, planning to go to Tauranga for a day trip, a car stopped once I raised my thumb and surprise!!! A Spanish and an Argentina man were on their way to Rotorua with a rented car, and then I changed my plan instantly: let’s go to Rotorua together and have a splendid trip together 😉 So really, the trip was fun and easy and so real and relaxing. We found a free hot pool and they bought a box of beer and made sandwiches for the dinner. Hundreds of stars on the sky at that night and I was playing Dogggy style’s music and the liked it very much. We all knew that no one will ever forget about that night, with lot of stories exchange and philosophy talks. They will come to Japan and at that time I shall be their little guide! This is why we should travel. Traveling makes you brave and strong and independent. Only when you are traveling you are able to see yourself from another perspective: your cowardness, you weakness, your devil side. To be able to see those sides and overcome them will make you a better person. So what are you waiting for? Stop finding excuses (I need to earn more money, I have no time for that, etc.) for yourself not to travel because life is SHORT and you will never know what is going to happen the next day.

Anyways, what was interesting about my couchsurfing trip was that I met a host who are into kink practices and because of that I had a chance to see the private kink party in Auckland city! how unpredictable and  surprising all this was! I am not a kink practicer but my research interest is in gender & sexuality so I am always open myself to any real life experience in order to understand the meaning underneath the practices of BDSM. (If you are interested in reading my articles you can go to my ABOUT and check out the links)

There are too much to tell and I don’t want to mak it way too long so I would like to conclude my trip with how much did I spend exactly in this super expensive country in two weeks.

Accomodation: 10 NZ$ (for staying in a Maori Camp site in Raglan, also by coincidence)

Transportation: 32.5 NZ$ (for train and bus)

Flight Ticket: 564 NZ$ (Round trip Osaka-Auckland) I Love Air Asia XD

In addition, I would like to share some of my personal tip for hitchhiking in NZ!

1) don’t be afraid to raise your thumb out.

2) SMILE and be patient.

3) find a good spot to stand so the car would have enough space and time to pull over.

4) show your sexy leg if you have one!

5) talk to the driver and tell them your story while you’re in the car because that’s the only way to pay them back! Heart to heart ❤

Of course many people will tell you not to do it because it’s dangerous. But what we had heard on the news such as hitchhiker get raped or killed, those negative news remain only a few percent out of the positive one. For me, I would still hitchhike because I would not give up on that because of the 2% bad people (for instance, not all the Muslim are terrorist!). There is 98% of good spirits who can show us the nature of humanity.



  1. Your experience is a clear signal that, to travel, you do not need much money…, because all you need is to really want to learn and discover this beautiful world.
    A key word in your text is FEAR, and the challenge of overcoming it by traveling, which at the same time will open your mind at the same time you meet new people and other cultures.
    But above all, what I feel when reading your words, and in what I feel very identified, is that traveling is a way to know the world, but above all to know and find ourselves.

    Liked by 1 person

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