A story of a girl and a turtle back in the Great East Japan Earthquake

6 years ago at this time, I was escaping the Great East Japan Earthquake in Fukushima with a turtle.

2:46pm: what the fuck?! Shaking non-stop and water are splitting out from my glass. Everything is falling and I can’t see a thing. Okay, I better get out of this place…fuck! Where is the stair? Omg I can see nothing and I feel like I’m in another world.

She ran down the stairs by instinct and ran through the hallway and opened the front door and she was out, finally. Such a horrible, terrible shake! She thought.

2:48pm: Oh crap! Someone is still inside the house and I have to get him out! Holy shit…okay, I gotta get him because he’s a living thing.

She breathed deeply and ran toward the front door and opened it. The house was in a mess and she looked up for him. She had never seen him swimming in that speed before. He was in a terrible panic, she thought. There was no one but she could get him out and she was alone too. But together they are not alone, she thought.

She tried not to fall due to the big shake and reached the tank in the coner of the living room and got him out from his little home. Don’t be scare even though I’m fucking scare right now, she told him. They escaped the house together eventually.

A naked turtle with a panjama girl, on the street, standing and didn’t know what to do but standing and kept watching the surrounding, trying to figure out why the hell the underworld would be so furious.

2:50pm: Okay it’s stopped! Thank god! Let’s get inside and see our new home, you little old turtle.

They walked into the house and tried to look up for things that were still fine but sadly nothing stayed still. Well, the house didn’t collapse, at least. But soon the aftershake started and she got panic once again, quickly grasped him and ran as fast as they could to get out of the house.

They decided not to walk in again on that day. That night, they slept outside the house. It was a really cold night. But he was with her. A turtle and a girl in Fukushima back in March 2011.

After all, 6 years passed. The turtle is no more with her but she will never forget his helpless condition together with her hopeless situation. Today, she got herself a tattoo: a mandala turtle.

“You know I can’t swim and you can, so together we are perfect. A turtle and a Girl.”

Written by Ng Lay Sion.



  1. I like the relationship between the turtle and the girl: “You know I can’t swim and you can, so together we are perfect.

    This reminds me of something Plato wrote in The Symposium. He said, ‘true love is admiration’. In a relationship we should be with someone (or a turtle haha) who has qualities that we ourselves lack. Our partners might for example be loving, creative, intelligent … or a good swimmer. And by being close to such people we can learn those same qualities.

    Plato also said ‘A couple shouldn’t love each other exactly as they are now’ . Our partners help us to become better versions of ourselves. And of course we help them to learn the qualities that we have. And we must seduce them into this education. The best person for us is not the person most like us, but often the person who is in many ways the least like us. Together, through periods of difficulty in a relationship, we become more complete and perfect beings. It could be a boy and a girl, and girl and another girl, or a girl and her turtle.

    Written by Justin Rooks


  2. Written by Jorge Bazan

    Hello beautiful soul! I feel so lucky to meet you…, is amazing to read such an incredible story. You have many gifts, and one of them is that you know how to convey much through writing. I am a Latino man, very expressive and sentimental, and I have to confess you that I have been crying at the time I read your beautiful story. What a beautiful tattoo with great and pure meaning.


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