Day 9 in Nairobi: Feel that Kenyan’s warm heart

September 2, 2015

Day 9 in Nairobi, Kenya.

Today I took a day off and went out with Abdullah, a friend that I met in Japan, together with Mary. He came to Mary’s place to pick me up at 11am, and we headed to Nairobi National Park. I didn’t know that we can drive through the park with his car. So we drove into the park after paying the entrance fee. There was a giraffe standing right besides the road once we entered. And he is huge and tall! Abdullah took a really nice photo of me with the giraffe behinds me!

And we followed the path and on the way we saw deeds and birds, didn’t get to see lions because they don’t like Chinese. So only giraffe and turtle are now racist. They came out to see me, haha. The park is huge and full with fresh air. So nice to be here and I had my friend as my tour guide. So lucky! After saying bye to the turtle on the road, we went to animal orphanage. Luckily that It was feeding time so we got to see how they fed all the lions (around 8) and the other animals. They were giving lot of meats to the lions. And those lions didn’t even need to fight, they were like pets, it was a pretty strange feeling to see them losing their natural ability. Anyways, after that we went to watch traditional dances presented by different tribes in Kenya. First we had Maasai , followed by *** (I forgot the name), then the tribe from Mt. Kenya (which is the tribe of current president), and the last was Obama’s tribe: Luo. I love African music and dance so so much! Especially the Luo’s music and dance are so powerful and lot of shaking and moments. I want to learn that next time I come.


After the performances, we checked out the traditional African houses. Most of them are so round design, kitchen, husbands hut, first wife’s hut, second wife’s hut, son’s hut, grandmother’s hut, they all are separated. What was funny is that the first wife’s hut is the biggest among all the huts, some with balcony and extra window; the husband hut is the opposite of it. It’s tiny and very low. I think maybe the husband always sleep in the wife’s hut so he doesn’t really need a hut. Lol. After seeing the houses, I learned that never be a second or third wife because obviously the first one holds the power in the family.

And then comes to another question: why there’s no girl’s hut? And Mary told me just now that girls normally sleep in the kitchen or with their mother. Naruhodo! We had dinner in Mr. Wok, a African-Chinese restaurant. It was great to have both Abdullah and Marry to be my host in Nairobi. Please inform me if you’re coming to Japan or Malaysia! I’ll take you around 🙂

It’s how great that people that I just met once can treat me like a princess. I really touched by Kenyan’s warm warm heart ❤



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