Day 7 in Nairobi: A day out with my Host Family 

August 31, 2017

Day 7 in Nairobi, Kenya.

Today I went to church with my host family. First day interacted with host father! He is kool and nice. Didn’t get the chance to talk to him because he always go to gym after work and comes back late. Today he was the driver for all day. We went to international Cristian Church, a big place where many people coming. And the two helpers normally go to another church. I wonder if church also has its own class, lower class people don’t go to the church I went to today, probably. Songs were singing by the kids and also the parents. It was fun to sing and the lyrics are so direct: we worship you Jesus! It’s a new experience for me. I kept thinking if I worship Jesus or any other God. Good question to think about while I’m having a light headache. But after the songs, they started promoting Sunday school and a lady was sharing her long story on the stage, which made me suffered. I walked out and went to toilet. Just wanted to leave and get a fresh air. Finally the speaking finished and the kids went to buy hotdog while the parents went back to car. I returned to the car without getting any foods. Then they took me to Masai ostrich farm. Before entering the farm we went through a rough and dusty road. I can hardly breath! I used tissue to cover my nose and the kids asked me why I did that. They didn’t have any problem but I did. I felt like my throat was filling with dust, so dirty. And there’s no Aircon in the car, hot and dusty all the way. I felt pretty bad because I was hungry and moody. Eventfully we arrived at the farm. We walked through the farm and fed some ostriches. They are strong they just pulled the leafs away I can’t even hold it. Then we had lunch at 3pm. I was so hungry that I didn’t care what I was eating. They ordered chips and chickens. The foods are expensive there because it’s a tourist place. They love chips! After the meal, the kids went to play around and left my host parents and I, sitting there and talking about my family stuffs and country situation. They were so surprised when I told them about Japanese adult shop and the gender power in Japanese family. Also I told them about my family problem. Host mother didn’t know that Chinese likes to fried eggs with everything. She said the fried rice in Chinese restaurant here is so good but expensive. I told her its normal to fried eggs with everything in my place, and I introduced her the fried eggs with tomatoes, she wants me to make it before leaving. I took a ride on ostrich, what was funny is that the one I rode is for kid, not for adult. So they thought I was a kid lol. It was fun when it ran faster, felt good to ride on it. I also touched it’s neck so many times.

As for dinner, we had homemade chapatti and chicken soup. Chebet kissed me so many times today too. She is a super kisser. But it’s okay she’s a baby girl. So it’s okay.



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