Day 6 in Nairobi: African Name, Luo tribe, Higher Education in Kenya

August 30, 2015

Day 6 in Nairobi, Kenya.

Kenyan name: 

So, do you want to know your African name? If you know what time zone you were born, you can make your own African name!

So 3 am to 8 am: Akinyi

8 am to noon: Anyango

afternoon to sunset: Achieng

Night until 3 am: Adhiambo

As for the female, it’s all started with “A”; as for make, all name started with “O”. So let’s say I’m born at noon, my African name will be Lay Anyango!!!!! What’s yours?

Higher Education in Kenya: 

The education fees for University here is not cheap for Kenya citizens. So there are 12 semesters in total, and each semester costs about 74000Ksh. The entrance fee is about 60000Ksh, which includes learning fee, accommodation, medical and foods. There are two kinds of the sponsorship program, one is self-sponsorship and another one is government sponsorship. The government sponsorship program is not easy to get as there are a lot of people who are poor. So there’s ax exam (KCSE) to identify the student’s result, evaluates from A to E., Of course, the better score you get the bigger chance you will get the fund. But the problem for this government sponsorship program is that what course you will be taking in the university is decided by the government, which means you can end up studying a course that you’re not interested in. Also, the government sponsorship program runs very slow, that you may not finish your study on time. Recently the government focuses on technical engineering because it can bring money to the country.

The main problem in Kenya:  

When Kenya became independent in 1964, it’s economy was the same as Singapore’s, but today Singapore is far more developed than Kenya and even Malaysia. So what’re the problems causing such a delay?! The main problem, of course, is political corruption. The second problem is poverty and the third is ethnicity. So, the first problem is the main factor of the second problem. What I want to talk about is the third problem. As you know, there are 43 tribes in Kenya today, each tribe has its own culture and tradition to follow. In the past, they don’t do intermarriage as each tribe was taught to feel superior to the other tribe. Instead of uniting all the tribes and create an ethnic diversity in Kenya, they had been taught to fight against each other. And this had been misused by the politician to create conflicts and effect the voting result in the election. As the country is enforcing Swahili and English as the main language of Kenya, young generation seems to not knowing how to speak their own tribe’s language, which leads to both advantages and disadvantages to the country’s development. As a tribe’s language is disappearing, the culture will disappear too. But the good thing is that it encourages intermarriage thus all the tribes can unite and be peace.

Interesting history about Luo tribe (Obama is from this tribe!):  

This tribe has its own culture to follow. Women don’t have to circumcise here but everyone has to remove six lower teeth of them. In the past, when the members of the tribe get sick, they cannot open their mouth or swallow foods, this is why they have to their lower teeth. This is the traditional circumcision of this tribe. Modernization (medical development) has stopped this custom. As people can get injection later, they don’t have to remove their teeth anymore.

In this tribe, the woman who had lost her husband can find herself another husband, but only within the same family. The second husband can have a child with her, but the child must be named with the dead husband’s name. And the second husband’s obligation is to provide the child a good environment. This custom is called wife inheritance.


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