First Day in Nairobi 

August 25, 2015
First day in Nairobi, Kenya.

Arrived at 1pm at the airport. Luggage didn’t show up after 30mins of waiting. No many Asians here. I was in a short pant and T-shirt, like I always do in Japan. But Nairobi is kool, people don’t really look at me in a strange way, I feel comfortable at here. The weather is perfect, around 22C, much more better than Japan’s summer. When I was going through the custom, the officer didn’t know if Malaysia need visa or not so I told him it’s okay for Malaysian to stay for 30 days, and he asked me how long I’m going to stay. Only 12 days! Welcome, welcome to Kenya, he said. I smiled. This place is warm.

When I walked out, I saw my host was already waiting for me, together with her 3 kids, 9 year-old Kiplangat, 10 year-old Chelangat, and 5 year-old chebet (Belicia). The tiny little Chebet is so cute, she holds my hand immediately after I said hi to her. Her smile is like a sunflower. Chewei is a very kind girl. She understands things very quickly and she is good in observation. Kin is very funny and he likes to play game a lot. I taught them how to play A,E,I,O,U today. They had lot of fun with that. And I gave them some chocolates and candy when we were having tea time. Kenya tea is very good, they mix it with water and milk. I’m treated as a special guess in their house. My host mother, Mary, has a warm heart and she always smiling and chill. I like her personality a lot. She has been very helpful since I came, she helped me up with getting a local SIM card, exchange money, lend me her pocket wifi, and showed me Kenya’s traditional main food in her decent kitchen. She has two helpers right now, and both of them are smart and hardworking. One of them uses sign language, so I got to learn some simple sign today: thank you, I love you, friend, young man, old man. Sign language is so much fun. I want to learn more to improve my communication skill. Watching them making foods in the most traditional way (cook with coals), reminded me of how my grandmother cooked in the old days. I missed those days. Before dinner I took a shower in my own room. Yes, they prepared a room for me, which is bigger then the whole apartment of mine in Japan. I like the big bed with mosquito net with it, just like the old times when I was in my grandparents’ house. I feel like home at here because there are loves and laughs in this house. The dinner was so good that I can’t describe it with words. Homemade traditional foods are always the best, just like my mom’s cooking, they are always better than any other foods. These foods, you can’t buy it with money because their value is beyond money. Dinner I had Sukuma Wiki (two kinds of spinach), Nyama Choma (slow cooked pork mixed with tomatoes and onion), and sour cow milk which came from their own cows. I learnt the way to make Ugali from Marry and her helper. It takes time and energy to make it but it’s so good when you taste it together with the other foods! We said “oyasumi” to each other before going to bed at 9pm. Mary still up because she was waiting her husband to come back from a gym and they would have late dinner together. She said she didn’t want him to eat alone. That’s so sweet. I feel so lucky that I can be a part of this family even just for 12 days. I believe among this 12 days, everyday will be a memorable day for me.

My Host Family



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