Day 3 in Nairobi: Asian! Dancing Kids! I love Mummy! 

August 27, 2015

Third day in Nairobi, Kenya.

Today I woke up at 630am, so it was 1230pm in Japan. I talked to Mr. H for half an hour before I went for breakfast. Had rice and potatoes, oat milk and half a banana. Everything tastes so good with Kenya tea. Like I say, natural is the best. Kenya tea is good even without milk or sugar. The driver came at 8am, he was also having tea in the living room. I left at 830am and arrived in Alice Village at 9am. Charles had prepared a desk for me to work. What I did today was sending email to people who are interested in becoming a sponsor of kids in korogocho slums area. I really hoped I will get some positive responses. After that, I went to kitchen to watch the cooking lady, Mary, to prepare lunch and supper. Cooking for a bunch of kids is a very hard work. Every thing can be counted as psychical training. They don’t use gas but Kenya woods and coals to make fire. The cooking pots are so big that one can definitely boil me. So I asked Mary about her daily working life. She told me now it’s school holiday so there are only 15 kids here, she works from 7am to 1pm. But when the school starts, which is from Saturday, she will work from 4am to 2pm. It’s tough, isn’t it? Today’s menu was green gram with rice, milk, and fruits. I helped her to boil the milk, washed and cut onions/tomatoes, and she let me did some cooking too. Imagined how big the pot is, I had to use both hands to hold the stick and move it hard so the foods inside the pot can be mixed nicely. It wasn’t that easy at all. Mary has a nice personality. Similar to me, she is passionate and energetic. She is interested in learning language so I taught her how to greet people in Chinese. I wrote them down and she kept it. She said “I love you” to me many times and of course, I love this woman too. Our energy is contagious and kids started to come over here, watching us and smiling to us. She told me that she thought I was weak when she first saw me, because I was tiny. But today she was surprised when she found out that I can wash dishes and I know how to “work”. I told her I have been living alone in Japan for 5 years, there’s no one that I can rely on. She was shocked when she knew it. She said I was the first Asian that she had talked to. Asian, to her, is “something” that far far away. Now she is happy she wanted to meet more Asians! After lunch, I invited her to dance with me and the kids. It was quite crazy, the dance. Small kids were so out of control they cannot stop jumping and running around. I took some videos while they were dancing. I made them danced in a circle, but the circle didn’t keep long because those little kids are all free spirits, they cannot be restricted. I let them do what they wanted to do. Dancing, playing a,e,I,o,u, hide and seek, football, all these activities need lot of energy!

Kids were playing a,e,I,o,u

Even me, a hyperactive girl can hardly keep on going for a whole day. But it was so much fun! Through playing with them, I realized that all kids wanted to be praised, to be winner, to be focused on. Once I said “winner will have present”, kids got crazy and I realized I shouldn’t have said that. In order to promote equality, I changed my word to “everyone deserves a present”. Yes, I’m bring some Japanese snacks to them tomorrow. Hope they will enjoy it. I went back at 330pm.

The next day they got their snacks 🙂

On the way back home I talked to the driver, asking him does he like his job. Of course, working is not fun for most of the people. As for him, he has to work 24 hours so that he can get 24 hours of resting time. Tough work, too, if you know the traffic at here. I went back home, had a drawing lesson with my host mother’s kids. They drew Mr. H’s face today. It was so funny that the 5 year old girl proposed to Mr. H and he will have to wait for 20 years to marry her.

She is going to marry Mr. H

Watching these kids’ interaction reminded me of the old days with my brother and sisters. I can see that the youngest one always holds power over the older one by using tears. Well I guess it’s the same in every family. Host mother changed her hair style today. She looks beautiful and her son kept praising her. Yes, this 9 year old boy knows the rule pretty well – never stop praising your mother because she is your mother and your first woman.

I love you, mummy.

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