Day 2 in Nairobi: Korogochoo Slum

August 26, 2015
Second day in Nairobi, Kenya.

Today I did a lot of things! Woke up at 750am, and the lady was waiting outside of my room to give me water. Changed to formal suit and went for breakfast. Morning breakfast here is super nice. I had oat milk, rice with meat and source, and fried eggs! After meal followed with yogurt! So good. My driver was having a cup of tea while waiting for me. He drove me to MUA University. It wasn’t far from the place I stay. So I reached there and waited for Diana to show up. Had a little face time with Harry. It was really nice to see his face. I was very excited. And Diana showed up without any smile on her face. She looked serious. I was brought into a room and was going to pay the transportation fee. But because I’m doing homestay now, they will have to estimate the distance once more, so I’ll pay later. After that, the driver took me to Alive Village in Utamali, a child care center runs by Grapesyard Organization. I arrived there and Mr. Charles showed me around the place. It is quite huge, with 2 blocks of girl dorms; 2 blocks of boy dorms; one block of secondary school’s boy and girl dorm. Each room has 4 beds. The director of this organization is living here too, with his wife and 4 kids. This organization has 16 years of history, currently there are 1200 students, 1000 are in the school in korogochoo slum area and the rest are staying in this center. The organization is having 4 main programs, there are feeding program, child sponsorship program, education program, and home for orphan program.

The feeding program in korogochoo school plays an important role because food is the main motivation for the kids to come to school as their family are too poor to supply foods. So the kids come to school to have lunch. Lunch menu either will be githeri (beans), Ugali, cabbage, or green gram and rice. It is supplied from Monday to Friday. Child Sponsorship program is to find people who are willing to pay for the kids’ education fee and uniform. By paying $225/$600 one can afford the education fee of a kid in primary/secondary school for a year. I had promised to sponsor one primary student’s education fee for a year. I always want to do that and now I’m going to prove that by action. And I’m glad that Okuno-kun is willing to do the same as me (I asked if anyone is interested in sponsoring via CBI group chat).

Education program, which is teaching all kinds of subject such as English, mathematic, art, music, sport, Christianity, science, and so on, at the school from 8am to 3pm.

Home for orphan program is mainly built to support kids who don’t have parents or relatives to help them. They will be sent to study in the community school. If the organization found someone who is related to the orphan, they will bring them back to where they from so that the kid will have a sense of belonging.

I was watching tv with the kids and dancing with them for a while today. They are fun and very nice. I also watched them having lunch and learnt some local language from the kids. They thought I am from China and I told them I’m a Chinese Malaysian and explained to them the condition in Malaysia. I think it’s good to have culture class with the kids in order to increase their curiosity so that they would like to learn more and get to think outside the box.

After having lunch with the stuffs, I went to visit another NPO organization, which is called Mathare Foundation. It is founded by Eric N. Omwanda and two other young people in 2013. The organization has 60 children now. I asked them why they wanted to do this and they told me they were also raised by NPO so they wanted to help those kids who are in the same situation too. What they’re doing now is totally volunteering, which is very kool. They don’t want the kids to involve in alcoholism, drugs, or crimes in the future so they are trying to remove those negative perspectives by encouraging them in playing football, taking photos, and practicing performing art. They invited me to go see their football game on this Saturday morning but unfortunately I will be interning in Grapesyard. I asked them what can I do to help them. They were hoping to get a sponsorship for the rental fee (7500Ksh), electricity (1000Ksh), security (300Ksh) and Internet (3000Ksh). In total it’s about 141600Ksh, which is $1416 for a year. So now I’m trying to help them to find a sponsor, and I’m thinking it’s the time for members of Cross-Boundary to do something. If one student can pay less than $100, then 10 students can afford one year rental fees for this organization (save 60 children!). The kids at there showed me their traditional dance in Giriama language. Also, they played poetry for me:

…Sadness covered our land. No hope for a better tomorrow. Tulatulamamatula.

After the performances, I walked through a part of the slum area with them. It was really bad. People are selling second hand meats. Flies are everywhere. Kids are everywhere. Rivers are dark and people are covered with dust. Tulatulamamatula.

I really hope I can do something to change this situation. Even it’s just a bit.


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